Friends of Bridegroom

“Friends of the Bridegroom”

Chinese Ministry of Spiritual Direction

“Friends of the Bridegroom” Chinese Ministry of Spiritual Direction is a non-profit Christian inter-denominational organization. It seeks to introduce the richness of spiritual traditions of Christianity, to facilitate the mutual understandings between Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant denominations through the ministry of spiritual direction, and to encourage Christians to deepen their prayers, to listen to God’s voice, “to praise, reverence, and serve God our Lord” (Spiritual Exercises #23) in love and freedom.

Ministries and Services

-Ignatian Prayer Workshop

-Ignatian Retreat Made in Daily Life

-Group Companion and Direction

-Lectures and Courses on Prayer and Spirituality

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Spiritual Direction for China Fund

Following the Ignatian tradition, we “freely received, freely give.” (Matthew 10:8) We do not want finances to prevent anyone from receiving spiritual direction. However, we do need some expenses in our ministry in China (eg. the travel and accommodation fees of spiritual directors or retreatants from other places). If your financial situation allows, we encourage you to support our ministry through free donations. At the same time, you are also supporting those brothers and sisters in need. May the generosity of our Lord inspire our generosity to Him and others!


Faith Linjuan Cong:Coordinator of “”Friends of the Bridegroom” Chinese Ministry of Spiritual Direction. By God’s grace, from 2015 to 2016, I had the opportunity to make the Spiritual Exercises (in Daily Life [a.k.a. “Annotation 19”]) in Jesuit Spirituality Apostolate of Vancouver. At present, I am learning to give the Spiritual Exercises under the supervision of a Byzantine Jesuit Priest Fr. Richard Soo, S.J. of Eastern Catholic Church and completing my degrees of Master of Arts in Theological Studies (Spiritual Theology) and Master of Theology (Spiritual Theology) at Regent College. My current research interests are Ignatian Spirituality, Liturgy and Spirituality of Chrisitan East, and Eastern Church Father Maximus the Confessor. Two things that I most wanted to do: (1) to encourage others to pray and to get closer to God; (2) to introduce theology, liturgy, and spirituality of Chrisitan East to Mandarin-speaking people.